Liquid Biofert

Liquid biofert soil drench


Liquid biofert is a powerful organic soil drench when applied to crops and grazing land at 200 litres per hectarea and can be used as a foliage feed spray at 50 litres per hectare.


Foliage Spray

Groth Enhance


As a foliage spray biofert will dramatically reduce white fly black fly and mildew and encouraged healthy strong growth.


Biofert Vermacompost


Vermicompost restores soil biodiversity and enhances soil fertility by promoting the dynamics of soil-ecology. Vermicompost similarly improves landscape management such as farmland vineyards and golf courses. Its preparation recycles the organic waste stream of manure and food wastes, transforming environmental nuisances into valuable renewable bio fertilizer.


"It will be difficult to deny the probability that every particle of earth forming the bed from which . . . old pasture land springs has passed through the intestines of worms" (Charles Darwin 1881)

Ability to stimulate plant growth


The most interesting results researchers have found that Vermicompost further stimulates plant growth even though they are already receiving optimal nutrition from your well fertilized land


It has been shown repeatedly that organic waste vermacomposted have beneficial effects on plant growth independent of nutritional changes and availability. Whether used as an additive or introduced into the horticultural soil aboveground , Vermicompost have repeatedly improved the germination, growth and seedling development, and increased plant productivity much more than that it would be possible with the simple transformation of mineral nutrients to make them more available to the roots.


The Contribution of Vermicomposts maximum benefit is obtained at around 10 to 40% of the soil substrate. It appears that above 40% there is no significant benefits. Growth regulators are adsorbed and help influence plant growth.


Biofert Vermicompost is believe to be up to seven times richer than standard compost and therefore requires a seventh of the quantity required. The benefits of Vermicompost ranging from yield greater resistance to disease and generally healthier suggests that Vermicompost has benefits distinct from those of ordinary composts and as a organic farmer you will know the cost implications of using organic fertilizer on your land .

At biofert.fr we will bring you the easy fast and cost effective way to fertilize all your crops grazing land at the best price for organic fertilizer liquid biofert .


Give your plants the resources they need to sur­vive in today’s envi­ron­ment. Our soils have become com­pacted and pol­luted through urban growth and the use of chem­i­cal pes­ti­cides, her­bi­cides, and fer­til­iz­ers. Within the soil food web, many dif­fer­ent microor­gan­isms work together and play a vital role in keep­ing the soil healthy. Liquid biofert activates soil biol­ogy returning life back onto the soil / plants and into grazing land.


Liquid biofert is made by extract­ing all the species of bac­te­ria, fungi, pro­to­zoa, and nema­todes present in the worm castings into the liquid. Using the aer­a­tion system biofert can get fan­tas­tic fun­gal bio­mass grow­ing in our biofert brewing tanks. Using the worm castings that we produce from our own large worm beds, there can be additives added such as sea weed, fish, or other organic extracts we can brew and mix main­tain­ing aer­a­tion until the biofert is collected we can pump it directly to your sprayer unit or can be supplied in a returnable 1000 litre tank.

This is best to use soon after aer­a­tion has stopped 4-5 hours from this point it slowly starts to reduce the amount of bac­te­ria, fungi, and nema­todes and it takes 24-36 hours to aer­a­te please contact us at biofert with your order or any information you might need.